Help our Homeless

Who or What is Help Our Homeless?

We are a group of agencies that work in Ipswich helping those who are homeless or who are at the risk of being made homeless. We exist to try and address the issues that lead to people becoming homeless, as well as assisting those who are homeless in finding new accommodation.

Why are we here?

We want YOU to know all about the good work that is going on in Ipswich and to show you the best way to support someone who you might see sleeping rough or begging on the streets of Ipswich. We will use the money donated to help those in need and to fund projects in Ipswich that seek to Help Our Homeless.

What's the latest?

We will update this website to show you where your money has been spent and the difference it has made to the lives of the people who have benefited from it. So keep coming back to visit us!

Affiliated Organisations

Turning Point
Ipswich Housing Action Group
Selig Logo
Suffolk Constabulary

The Homeless in Ipswich

Despite the ongoing generosity by YOU the people in Ipswich giving directly to people on the street:

  • Ipswich has a large number of people rough sleeping
  • Ipswich has a large number of people begging
  • This is not changing

So why is this? Unless people on the street have the support of the agencies the money that they get given doesn’t help them make the changes that they need to make. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I see the same faces rough sleeping in Ipswich ?
  • Is the same person asking me for money day after day on my way to work or when I am shopping in the town?

If the answer is YES, this means your change doesn’t bring about their change. Help us to help them through the support given to our agencies. We want to change lives through this project. So look for the Orange Logo and give generously at one of our Help Points. Remember….. The homeless in Ipswich need help. Don’t make them beg for it.

Help Our Homeless, IHAG Chapman Centre and Partners promoting what is available for people who are homeless in Ipswich.

Help the Homeless Launch

Help Points

We have a network of help points around Ipswich where you can give any donations to the project. They are listed below, and also shown on the map on the right.

  • Emmaus - Sailmakers
  • Emmaus - Dale Road
  • Ipswich Building Society - Princes Street
  • Bromley & Co - The Walk
  • Fish Face - The Walk
  • Fat Face - Buttermarket
  • Patisserie Valerie - Buttermarket
  • Designer Hair Studio - Buttermarket
  • Isaacs
  • Briarbank
  • F Hinds - The Walk
  • Jack Wills - Tavern Street
  • Proctors - The Walk
  • Turning Point - Museum Street
  • Waterstones - Buttermarket
  • Ipswich County Library -  Northgate Street
  • Tesco Express - Duke Street
  • PureGym - Buttermarket
  • Coast to Coast - Buttermarket
  • Broomhill Library - Sherrington Road
  • Sainsbury's - Upper Brook Street
  • McColls, Sailmakers
  • The Waterfront Bar Bistro
  • Pink and Blue Nearly New - Nacton Road
  • Old Cattle Market Bus Station
  • Cake & Catwalk - St Peter's Street
  • Raja Stores - Cavendish Street
  • Tourist Information Centre - St Stephen's Lane
  • Ipswich Hospital Entrance 6
  • Ipswich Hospital Entrance 2
  • Coffee Link - Ipswich Station
  • Coffee Link - Neptune Marina
  • Cult Cafe - Ipswich Waterfront

Press Coverage

  • Ipswich Star covered the our launch of the project. Click here to read about it.
  • We recently had a feature on ITV News about our project. Click here to read about it and see the video.
  • Campaign urges Ipswich public to 'put your spare cash where it counts'.   Click here to read the Ipswich Star article.